Dear Functional Medicine

Does Marketing Make Your Brain Hurt?

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It's time to cure your health marketing headaches. 

As a functional medicine copywriter, I set out to come alongside you to help market and build your brand. Because there’s nothing funky about functional medicine. It’s simply another choice of healthcare, and people need to know - alternatives exist. 


YOU believe in your medical practice, but what do you say to get THEM to believe in it? 


That’s where you bring me in.


I’ll help you build your brand as an authority in the industry with personalized content that converts, so you have more time to do what you do best: heal your patients. 


I’ve written website copy and content for amazing holistic health’preneurs. With a background in journalism and radio, I’m your expert writer. I heavily research and cite every piece of content - that way your reputation is upheld as the health expert. 


I know you care about functional medicine.


You know you care.


Now, let’s tell the world you care with Wellness Words


Let go of that breath you've been holding...

'cause we're taking the mystery out of marketing

Simple Content Marketing

Don’t be alarmed, content marketing is just a fancy word for content creation and promotion that keeps your services front and center. 


We don’t believe in jumping on the content creation hamster wheel. 


Content for the sake of content won’t get your business anywhere.


At Wellness Words all content has a goal - to make you more money. 


When you're ready to get....

...well-researched weekly content that leads to your services. 

...a website that shows up on Google and makes you stand out. energetic and positive partner who sees beyond the trends.

...and sound like yourself in the process.


...choose Wellness Words.   


Get Your Functional Medicine Practice on the Map!

Let's Do This
Content creation is like writing a book - you don’t write it in one day

Audiobooks anyone?



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Clients I've Partnered With Include: 

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Free Resources - COMING SOON
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Don’t worry you don’t have to return these ones. 

Get on the waitlist for free resources like: 


  • How to Create a Content Calendar That Coincides With Your Service Launches 

  • How to Use Data Mining to Find Your Brand Voice 

  • The 4 Buyer Types and 40 Questions Your Sales Page Should Answer 

  • How to Find Freedom From Instagram + 50 Instagram Post Ideas

Stand-Alone Services for Functional Medicine Practitioners & Holistic Health Brands 

Wondering how to get prospective customers to subscribe to your website or email newsletter? You need an opt-in or an incentive! You know, those cool things that are offered for free in return for your contact information. If you want to grow your email list, you need an incentive. I offer services for one-time products such as email newsletter incentives and other opt-in freebies.


Contact me for rates for these one-time projects.

Other's Asked These Questions Too...

What sets me apart from other content writers?

Unlike many big copywriting or content marketing agencies, I work directly with you to create a specific strategy just for your business. I limit my number of clients so I can give each my full attention and individualized experience. I also pride myself in keeping my rates affordable. My speciality is in alternative medicine, holistic health, natural living and sustainability. As someone who graduated with three degrees in four years, while also being a competitive athlete, I'm driven to see you succeed. I'm a student at heart; I love learning. Unlike other content writers, I'm constantly teaching myself about alternative healthcare. When you work with me you get expert content. I also write in a tone that will attract your ideal client. Instead of create content that's generic, I investigate your patient's pain points and address them my copy. Your audience will get a unique feel for your business, which helps attract your ideal client!

How long does it take to see results from blogging?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a strategy more akin to a marathon than a sprint. It takes time to build organic traffic. If you are seeking instant gratification, blogging is not for you. However, when you build organic traffic you attract people to your website who are already interested in what you have to offer. This means they're more likely to become paying customers! In my experience, it can take anywhere from between 3 to 6 months to start seeing results from blogging. Patience and consistency are key. Also, once you have built up a bank of blog posts, they continue to bring traffic for the rest of their existence on your website. It's not a one and done deal.

Do you create the website design or just the website copy?

As a content copywriter I specialize in writing website copy for medical professionals in alternative medicine and holistic health as well as sustainability brands. However, I do not design websites. Instead, I can recommend some great website designers who you can partner with.

Do you offer revisions?

Yes! I offer one free round of revisions. If you are still unsatisfied after our first round of edits, I charge a small one time fee for every additional edit. I will work my hardest to ensure you receive a quality product that meets your expectations.

Why do I need a copywriter when I can just write the copy myself?

Sure, you could write the copy yourself - while also running your business, taking care of patients, eating healthy, exercising, caring for your family, maintaining relationships, and managing your stress levels. But, that sounds so overwhelming. When you work with a copywriter you don't have to worry about: Writing fresh content. Staying on top of the Google algorithm. Grammar. The right formatting. Staying relevant. Learning to write persuasive copy. That's just to name a few. A copywriter is an investment that saves you time (and reduces your stress levels).

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