Why Health Coaches Need a Blog and How To Start

If you’ve read this blog post once, you’ve read it a million times. I know, that’s probably what you’re thinking. All the marketing gurus tell you to build a brand you need to start creating content, blah blah blah. But, this is doubly important if you want to build an online business, and who doesn’t in today’s age of technology?

If you want to bring your health coaching business online, you need a blog and I’m going to tell you why. Be sure to read to the end to grab one of my free resources and learn how you can start today!

A few weeks ago, I was asked in my Instagram DM’s if I thought blogging was still a useful marketing strategy. I will admit, in the world of TikTok and Instagram Reels, it can feel like long-form written content is out. Honestly, I just don’t find that to be true, for a few reasons.

Blogging reminds me of high-waisted jeans and a classy knee-length dress. Styles will change and trends will come and go, but there are always a few staples that remain (Thankfully! Sorry Gen Z’ers).


This is what I mean...imagine you built your business by gaining a huge following on Instagram. You then decided to fully integrate your business with Instagram and use their shop feature, messaging platform, lives, reels, etc., the whole shebang. Well, what if someone hacks your Instagram? There goes your entire business and livelihood.

Certain online marketing and business strategies will always remain, even though they may be outshined by the trends now and then. Those strategies include owning a website and publishing consistent search engine optimized blog content.

Blogging is the powerhouse of SEO, and you can be sure that Google and search engines aren’t going to disappear anytime soon. Plus, I like blogging. I like to read a blog article when I want to learn something new and I like sharing and following other bloggers. Of course, I enjoy writing blogs, too.

If you’re a health coach, here are four reasons you need a blog:

A Blog Helps You Build a Brand

Okay, this is the obvious one. When you own a website and create consistent blog content you begin to build a brand.

Yes, I said it. When you own a website and create consistent blog content you begin to build a brand.

Not when you create an Instagram or Facebook page with your business name slapped across your profile.

Of course, there is a lot more that goes into building a consistent brand and you can check out my girl Chloe’s Creative Studio to learn more about branding. The point is, if you want to bring your health coaching business online, you need to look like a legitimate person with a real brand. One way to start creating that persona is to consistently show up online with a blog.

I like to compare it to walking past a downtown storefront that looks empty, brown paper covers the inside windows, and the door is closed versus one that has the door propped open, a refreshing glass of lemonade for customers, and some poppy music playing in the background.

Be the storefront with the door propped open.

A Blog Provides You With Marketing Material

Speaking of marketing, how will you market your online health coaching business if you don’t have any content to work with?

A blog is a great resource for pulling copy.

I’m all about working smarter, not harder. I bet you are too. When you have a high-quality blog article you can pull copy from it for social media posts and create a weekly or monthly email newsletter around your blogs!

Did I mention that it’s free? (Unless you want to hire a content writer because who has time to write all that -ish)

Compared to paid ads, a blog provides you with FREE marketing materials. As a naturally frugal person that’s what I like to hear!


A Blog Grows Your Audience and Reach

Like I said before, a blog is an SEO powerhouse.

There is no better way to grow your audience than through organic traffic with a search-optimized blog. Yes, you can pay for ads but you still have to write the copy for those ads and who is your audience anyway? When you have an established blog you are more in-tune with your audience, their needs, and their pain points.

If you are confused about SEO, which just refers to search engine optimization, you can read about the SEO Mistakes You’re Making on your Health Blog Here.

PLUS - get the simple SEO keyword research guide to become an expert!

In addition to SEO, you can use your blog posts to grow on Pinterest. I love Pinterest, especially because it is basically a search engine undercover as a social media site. If you’re not using Pinterest to promote your blog you are missing out on a huge demographic (mostly women) of potential audience members.

A Blog Provides Value To Your Audience

The last reason you need a blog if you want to bring your health coaching business online is because it provides value to your audience. As a health based service provider you already care deeply about the people you work and interact with.

A health blog is one more way to provide value and serve your audience. Not to mention, this helps you by bringing you more potential clients - which allows you to keep doing the good work you do!

Ray Edwards said, "Great copy isn’t written, it’s assembled." I 100% agree with that statement.

Hopefully this article got you thinking about why you should start a blog, especially if you want to bring your health coaching business online. But that’s only one piece of the puzzle.

You have to actually write the blogs.

That’s why I’m sharing my blog writing workflow and outline with you. This way, you’ll be able to streamline the blogging process and get the traction and growth you want from your health blog.

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