Naturopath Doctors: How to Write Winning Instagram Captions

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Instagram is ever evolving. If you feel like you can’t keep up with the reels, shop features, and confounding algorithm you’re not the only one! And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve thrown your hands up at times and simply refused to learn the new features. Let’s be real, taking a million videos of yourself pointing into the air to some hot tune is exhausting. The good news is that Instagram’s main thing is still the main thing: sharing aesthetic photos and engaging captions.

Naturopath doctors and nurses on Instagram: today I’m going to teach you how to write winning Instagram captions.

As a naturopath doctor you have a huge store of information that you can share on Instagram. The problem has never been what to create content about. Rather, it has always been: how do I present this information in an engaging, appealing way?

Writing is the backbone of everything you do to market your business. Social media, ads, blog posts, patient information packets, guidelines, protocols, brochures, e-books, everything. Get your words right and you’ll get the winning captions. Just remember, all content starts with a story.

Let’s unpack the caption formula for naturopath doctors and then review several types of captions that create highly engaging content that serves your community.

What About the Photo?

We can’t talk about Instagram without talking about the aesthetics. Yes, a pretty picture is important. It’s how you first grab someone’s attention. But, a picture can only say so much. Your grid should be aesthetically pleasing, AND lead the audience to read the caption.

There are several different strategies for creating an eye-candy Instagram grid. You know the ones where you spend an hour just scrolling through someone’s profile. I see you, we’ve all done it.

Here are a few quick steps you can follow to work on your Insta-aesthetic:

  1. Choose and follow your brand colors

  2. Choose brand identifiers which will appear throughout the photos

  3. Vary your photos perspectives: flat-lay, headshot, full-body, etc.

  4. Include branded graphics

Now that we’ve got the optics out of the way, let’s talk about the part of Instagram that naturopath doctors most often get stuck on.

The Instagram Caption Formula

Writing Instagram captions that win is easier said than done. However, after working in radio writing commercials for different companies, I realized there are several components of a compelling message. I noticed that they stayed consistent across my successful commercial spots.

Based on that experience, I’ve created a formula for writing Instagram captions that share value AND are persuasive.

I call it the 3I’s:

(I know you naturopath doctors like to study so I made it an easy to remember acronym.)

  1. Intrigue

  2. Instruct

  3. Invigorate

Intrigue - this refers to how you grab your follower’s attention. It could be anything from an eye-catching visual to an engaging headline.

Key Principle: treat the first sentence of your caption like a headline.

Instruct - each caption (well, most captions) you write should share a lesson or takeaway. You can weave it into the story you’re telling or list it as bullet points.

Invigorate - end each caption with a question for reflection or an encouragement to take action (aka CTA). Read about how to write the best CTA’s for healthcare here!

I’m a Naturopath Doctor Not a Copywriter! How Do I Write Headlines?

I’m glad you asked! I’ve found that naturopath doctors on Instagram have a tendency to get right into the content they are trying to educate their followers about. Oftentimes, they share a huge chunk of knowledge that can be overwhelming to those who aren’t the experts, also known as your target audience.

Before I tell you how to write headlines, I think it’s important to note that your Instagram captions will feel sterile if you don’t include a personal touch. Try and think about how you can take your personal story and apply it to a universal experience. Then drop the education bomb and give someone a few next steps.

Since you’re finally thinking like a copywriter, not a naturopath doctor, here are a few ways to grab your reader’s attention with an Instagram headline:

  1. Shock ‘em! Make them think “wait what….”

  2. Use humor. Make them laugh (don’t try too hard on this one though, if you’re not a funny person don’t pretend to be).

  3. Share a relatable story. Make them say “me too...”

  4. Be direct. Speak directly to your audience. “This is for the woman struggling with infertility.”

  5. Ask a thoughtful or engaging question.

For every Instagram caption ask yourself what you are trying to teach your audience and what you want them to do after reading your caption.

Three Types of Instagram Captions for Naturopath Doctors

Instagram doesn’t have to be a marketing chore. In fact, it’s a great place to find friends, colleagues, and a heart-warming community. If you come to the table with a heart of service you’ll be able make the impact you want.

Ultimately, when patients see their doctors as familiar and caring they are more likely to feel at ease during some of life’s most difficult times. In an article by Penn State, primary care physicians spend 16 minutes or less with their patients during an appointment. As a naturopath doctor, you know how important the patient-doctor relationship is. Instagram is the tool you can use to establish that relationship.

Here are three types of Instagram captions for naturopath doctors to make Instagram an easier tool to use:


Educate the patient or teach them something about what you do. This can include content like tutorials, how to’s, or small pieces of information. You can list it out as steps or give history and background information on a topic. Your goal is to provide a clear lesson, answer a question, and establish yourself as an authority.


Inviting a conversation between yourself and your potential patients/followers. You can even encourage a conversation between your followers within the comments section. It can include polls or questions, or advice in response to patient questions. Your goal is to create connections and encourage a response by offering advice.


Share content that uplifts and encourages. It can include heartwarming stories that have a clear lesson. It could also be a shareable quote. The goal is to resonate with your patients and compel them to share the content with their followers.

Work With a Copywriter to Write Winning Instagram Captions

Instagram is a great tool. That doesn’t mean you always have time for it. If you’re struggling to create content for Instagram, work with an alternative healthcare copywriter. I happen to offer free 15 minute consultation calls where we go over your needs and how to win on Insta! Schedule your free phone call here!


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