How-To Guide To Writing a Fantastic Brand Story Part 2

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

You’re in holistic health, not publishing or book writing. Story writing may not be your strong suit. But if you can answer a few important questions, it doesn’t have to be. Let’s learn how to write a brand story.

You could start by thinking about what makes up a good story? What brings out that feeling of trust in a reader?

But, those are hard to answer, and guess what! It doesn’t have to be that difficult, really, you don’t have to be a writer and think deep writer thoughts to create a compelling brand story.

An easier question to answer is what makes you trust others?

My husband and I didn’t trust each other when we first met. I trusted him enough to go on a date, but not to spend the rest of my life with him. Our first date was lunch at the local beachside sandwich shop. It was a great first date (Thanks, hun)!

But I still didn’t trust him with my future. I had to get to know him better, see and experience his personality and who he was, to really trust him.

It’s the same with your brand story.

The key to getting a reader to trust you with a story is to show your personality!

Write Down One Story A Day

There are so many ways you can use stories in your business! Anytime you share a piece of advice, lesson, or education you can do it with a story. In fact, stories help people remember facts better according to Harvard!

First, there are three must-have stories that you need! Read part one of this guide to learn the three most important stories for marketing your business.

What about all the other times you need to present information to your audience and you want to tell a story? Do you just make ‘em up?

No. There’s a simple way to start collecting a vast repository of stories you can use throughout your marketing strategy and your career. (Imagine telling each new patient a unique story so they can remember you by it! Talk about a good first impression!)

The way to do this has a little bit to do with habit formation. It’s going to take some leg work up front, but once it becomes a habit you’ll do it without a second thought.

I want you to buy a small little notebook you love and set it on your bedside table. Then every night before bed really quickly jot down a little anecdote or event that happened that day. It could be anything! Just a few sentences and any quotes you want to remember.

You could even do it on your phone notes app!

After a while, you’ll have a huge list of possible stories to interweave in speaking engagements, marketing materials, and meetings! Eventually, you’ll start naturally remembering more and more stories throughout the day. It’s a win-win!

Jump Right In

Now that you’re thinking in stories, how do you actually put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?) and write it out? How do you actually create a brand story?

Start with the good stuff.

What I mean is, don’t start in the beginning and wax poetic. The pitch is important, but it shouldn’t be more than three sentences. No one really wants to know where you went to high school.

Drop your audience into the rising action and then quickly get to how you help THEM.

“If your first thought holds him, he will read the second. If the second holds him, he will read the third. And if the third thought holds him, he will probably read through your ad.” - Eugene Schwartz

Keep It Short

This is similar to the last point. Just like you want to drop your audience into the middle of your story, you also want to keep it concise.

If I’m at a networking event, steaming cup of tea in hand, and you asked me how I started my business, I wouldn’t start with where I went to college (because you don’t care). Instead I would say something like this,

“I noticed a lot of entrepreneurs in the alternative healthcare field who don’t have the time to create content and market themselves well. As someone who values natural living and holistic healthcare, I realized I have a unique offer for this group.

Wellness words is a way to serve medical entrepreneurs by growing their business and freeing up their time with personalized content creation and content marketing strategy.”

They’ll wonder where you’re going with the story and then BAM you drop the point you’re trying to make.

Make Your Audience The Hero

Have you ever heard of the hero’s journey? It’s the most common form of narrative storytelling. All the best stories utilize it in some form or fashion. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, the list could go on.

To put it simply, the hero’s journey describes the adventures a hero archetype goes on to achieve their end goal, aka greatness.

When writing your brand story, especially the three key stories you’ll need, make sure the audience is the hero.

This means your ideal target audience needs to see themselves in your stories. They have to relate to it! Good stories don’t have two heroes, but they do have a wise mentor.

You are that wise mentor. Be a Gandalf, Dumbledore, or Obi-wan (depending on your fandom).

Guide your audience on their path to greatness.

Let's Work On This Together!

If all this seems overwhelming to you, I’ve got your back! Writing stories is my favorite pastime. Especially for my passionate holistic healthcare entrepreneurs! Send me a message and let’s talk about how I can help you craft your brand story.

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