Guard Your Business Against Big Tech - 10 Reasons You Need an Email Marketing Strategy

Click your seatbelt, y’all, because this is going to be a wild ride. Today we are talking about something that may put you in a pickle. Most of us in marketing know that a diverse strategy is a good strategy, but today’s world calls for it with even greater fervor.

In this article, I’m going to tell you why you need to guard your business against big tech. I’ll also share with you 10 reasons you need an email marketing strategy and why that’s your key to safeguarding your health business.

What is Big Tech and Why Should You Care as a Small Business Owner?

While Big Tech sounds disconcertingly similar to Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984 dystopian novel, they’re not quite as totalitarian as Orwell’s made-up government regime. That doesn’t mean they’re not powerful. Big Tech refers to companies like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and even Google (and their billionaire CEO’s).

Sooo, why do you care as a small business owner?

Censorship. These social media companies claim to be platforms but act like publishers, censoring material they don’t agree with, without any of the same regulation or liability of regular publishers. They have a virtual monopoly over the internet. Facebook, for example, has 3 billion global users and is the owner of America’s current public square.

Here is a news article that contains more information on the issue of censorship and Big Tech.

If you own a small health business, especially one that lives online, this is a big issue.

The Risk of a Single-Platform Marketing Strategy

The problem arises when small business owners implement a single-platform marketing strategy, also known as a “wing it” strategy (don’t worry I’ve been there before too).

This means when you decided to become a health coach or a chiropractor or whatever, you threw a website together and created an Instagram account and corresponding Facebook Business page. Handling more than one social media page got too challenging and an email marketing strategy wasn’t even on your radar.

You’ve seen success growing your audience on Instagram and so you’ve decided that’s where your marketing focus needs to be.

Except, now Social Media has “misinformation watch dogs.” Take for example the new program called Birdwatch on Twitter.

What you say is being monitored. Misinformation is dangerous, but I know as a small business owner myself, I care more about protecting my business than being politically correct.

What’s a Health Coach, Functional Medicine Doctor, or Alternative Healthcare Provider to do?

What do you do? You don’t want to accidentally share something (or purposefully) that the current media oligarchs disagree with and be at their mercy. This is your business we’re talking about!

This is where an email marketing strategy comes into play.

Email marketing ensures that you’re building your business on solid ground. There is enough email marketing software out there that none has become a monopoly, which means you can share content without fear of getting censored.

A single platform marketing strategy may work for influencers - but you're a business owner gosh dang-it, and you’re going to build a business that lasts. (aggressive foot stamp)

Ten Reasons You Need an Email Marketing Strategy

Return On Investment

One of the top benefits of email marketing is that it has the top ROI (return on investment) of all methods of marketing. The average is about $42 for every $1 spent! It’s a cost effective solution to meet customers in a place they visit every week. It’s like the morning rush at your local coffee shop where you meet the same people every week. Additionally, according to OptinMonster email marketing is more likely to drive sales than social media marketing.

Targeted and Personalized Content

Nobody likes getting email blasts - unless it’s 10% off at Starbucks. The beauty of email marketing is that it lets you segment your contact list into different groups based on preferences and personalizations. This let’s you know how to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. It allows you to send truly personalized content.

Brand Recognition

Do people recognize your brand or are you just another face in the crowd? With email marketing you can easily brand your emails. But wait, it goes deeper than design. By consistently showing up and providing valuable email content, your contacts will begin to identify and even anticipate your emails.

Build Credibility

As a business owner one of your goals is to be seen as an expert. You can do this by providing valuable content on social media or a blog. However, the difference with email is that your contacts signed up to hear from you. They gave you permission to send them emails, which means they appreciate the content you send and want to stay updated. This builds your credibility and list of potential customers.

Optimize Time and Budget

As a small health business, you have budget and time constraints that other businesses don’t. You can’t spend a huge amount of money on television ads, and even Facebook ads can get expensive. The startup costs of email marketing are especially low to begin with. In regards to time, autopilot is your friend. Almost every email marketing software allows you to automate your emails.

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Increased Website Traffic

Emails are a great way to direct contacts to your website. You can include relevant links to your website and utilize email campaigns to get your audience to interact with a particular piece of content on your website like a blog or a landing page. Including a CTA is a great way to end every email you send. You can read more about how to write a CTA here!

Build Exclusivity

People like to be a part of groups, especially if that group is exclusive. You can provide exclusive perks to your email list that you can’t provide through social media or your website. Your customers are unique and important to your business; your email campaigns can drive home that idea and give them a greater sense of community. Possible exclusive can include promo codes or behind the scene looks at your business.

Reports and Analysis

Email is an easy way to see if your content and brand is resonating with your audience. On social media it is easy to mindlessly like photos while scrolling, this gives a sort of vanity metric that makes it hard to determine the effectiveness of your content. This is not so with emails. It’s sooo easy (almost too easy) to ignore emails. That’s why the click-through-rate (CTR) is so important to tracking the efficacy of your marketing strategy.

Reach People On Any Device

More and more people get online through their mobile devices. Almost everyone uses an email app nowadays. That doesn’t mean desktop email is obsolete. Email marketing allows you to leverage both platforms.

Grow Your Audience

Email marketing allows you to build an audience that is interested in what you have to say. It’s not easy to stand out in a saturated market. That’s why email marketing is so powerful - it’s an audience who is choosing to get your content because they’re genuinely interested. You can grow your audience and nurture potential leads with an email marketing strategy.

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