Get Your Health Business Organized For 2021, My Favorite Apps And Workflows

Today, I would like to share with you guys how I get organized in the hope that it helps you learn how to get your health business organized for 2021. It’s still January, which means we’re all settling into the new year.

We’re getting the hang of our new year’s resolutions and praying that this year is somehow better than the last.

Buuuut, we all know life is unpredictable. Just look at what happened in 2020.

That’s why it’s so important to get your health business organized with systems in place that will help it run on automatic. That way, when life hits you right in the face, you’re able to rely on the systems you put in place to keep your business going.

Then, you can say a big thank you to your past self, and let’s not forget our trusty staff of internet autopilot minions!

Now, I’m a control freak, like I think I have undiagnosed OCD because I’m obsessed with creating order.

I remember back in college I was interning with GlobalJax, a non-profit for international education and community building. I was their communications intern which meant I wrote all their outgoing communications material: blogs, newsletters, press releases, social media captions, etc.

My first week, I poked my head above my computer and called across the room to Jason, my intern supervisor, “Okay, I wrote a blog post for the Latin American group’s visit.”

I beamed, expecting instant praise for my quick turnaround.

Instead, he tasked me with several other blogs to write, social media captions to create, and a newsletter due THAT afternoon.

The worst part was that the information for the content I needed to create was everrryyywhere. I spent the next several hours skimming through our emails and files. My frazzled self vowed never to let a disorganized workflow get in the way of my productivity.

I’ve learned a lot since then, but one thing has stayed with me: an organized workflow helps you stay productive and focused. If you’re a type A person like me, you can probably relate. If you’re not Type A, well, I’m jealous. Just kidding! I still think there’s merit to learning how to get organized and put systems in place even if you’re not naturally an organized person. This is especially true when you’re the boss of a busy health business.

Today, I’m going to share with you several of my workflows and the apps that keep them automated - giving me more time to create when I sit down to work.

Get Your Health Business Organized With Workflows

Home Management Workflow: FlyLady Routines

The first workflow I want to touch on is my home management workflow. Home management is very important to me as a woman. I strongly believe that we have the ability to make our homes a place of peace or a place of chaos. Your position as a woman gives you the ability to bring beauty into the home (sorry, guys, if it were up to you the entire house would consist of a folding chair in front of the tv and maybe a mattress...aha I joke...unless you’re my husband).

So, how do we manage our homes without going crazy from all our other responsibilities?

I use the FlyLady method of morning and evening routines. Included with the morning and evening routines is a weekly home blessing hour (spend one hour cleaning the entire house a week), daily 15 minute declutter zones, and 2 minute hotspot zones.

I also put into place a basic weekly plan which separates the days I do grocery shopping, errands, my one hour of cleaning, and anything else that’s part of my week.

This may sound like a lot, but the idea is that your routines become habits. Start with baby steps by adding one new thing to your routine each week and you’ll slowly have a home management workflow that works for you!

Client Management Workflow: HelloBonsai

When you are the owner of your business, client management is vital. As a health business owner I know you understand what I’m talking about. Managing new patients via onboarding and patient questionnaires is key to you doing your job successfully.

As a service based entrepreneur, it’s imperative to me that I give each client the best experience I can. That means being timely on things like proposals, contracts, and invoices. I also make sure that I’m sending welcome packets and goodbye email sequences when appropriate.

I’ve used a few systems since starting copywriting, but the best one by far is HelloBonsai. With this system I’m able to automate things like when I send invoices, and my clients are able to accept contracts and proposals all in one place.

As a health business owner you will most likely have a different system in place than the one I use. But, the principle of the idea remains - find a way to automate your new patient relationships.

This way your patients are taken care of and you’re not spending hours responding to emails or voicemails.

Blog Content Workflow: Google Docs + Weekly Power Hour

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again...a health business is just like any other brand. Your medical practice or health coaching business needs marketing to grow. One of the best forms of marketing for the health industry is inbound marketing. This is where you build trust (and traffic) with your audience by providing educational, entertaining content.

In fact, I use inbound marketing to market my own business! The problem is that as a copywriter, I don’t have hours to spend writing content for myself. I’m writing YOUR content. So, I use a blog content workflow to get it done.

I’ll do anything to avoid staring at a blank cursor when I sit down to write.

My blog content workflow includes a Weekly Power Hour every Monday and a system of Google Documents to stay organized.

In my Google Drive, I have a folder titled Monthly Content. Under that folder I have five more folders for each of the categories of content I blog about. Every week I alternate which category I plan to write a blog on. During my Weekly Power Hour, which is the first thing I do Monday morning, I spend ten minutes planning what my blog post will be about based on which category is coming up for that week.

This gives me an outline so when I’m ready to sit down and write the entire blog post I can knock it out in an hour or less.

Social Media Content Workflow: Tailwind

After I have my main piece of content written for the week I’m ready to move onto my social media content workflow.

Social media is a great way to grow and market your business. In fact, I think it’s almost a necessity in today’s world. Buuuuut, do you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling when you were supposed to be writing today’s caption?

Yep, that’s me 100%.

Being an entrepreneur and business owner I also struggle with comparison on social media, so anything to keep me from that loop of mindless scrolling is worth it to me.

The way I do this is through my social media workflow and the Tailwind app.

First, during my Weekly Power Hour on Monday, I plan out my days and what I want my feed posts to be on Instagram. Each day gets a little sentence or phrase. I also plan out several ideas for Instagram stories.

Then, after I’ve written my blog I’ll go to Tailwind. I’ve already uploaded my Instagram photos and Pinterest pins so all that’s left is to write the captions and pin descriptions. Using my notes and the blog post I spend about another hour scheduling my weekly content.

That’s it.

Now when I go on Instagram or Pinterest I’m able to actually enjoy the apps. I’m also able to work on engaging my community and actually interacting with other users. It’s a win-win situation!

Create Your Own Workflows to Organize Your Health Business

There’s an axiom in copywriting that says, “great copy isn’t written, it’s assembled.” I think the same can be applied to running a business. You have to assemble your business piece by piece until it’s a well-oiled machine. The way to do that is through efficient workflows and automation systems.

One piece of advice for you is this: once you have an idea of your workflows, hammer them out step by step. I have a notebook that I call my control journal (told ya I’m a control freak) that contains every step of each of my lifestyle routines and business workflows. That way whenever I’m feeling a little lost I can turn a page in my journal and know exactly what my next steps are going to be. I don’t have to waste time thinking about what to do.

If creating content simple isn’t your thing but you’re still looking to grow your business, send me an email. I’d love to take over your content marketing strategy and help you grow, plus after doing it so much for other clients, I’ve got just the right workflow ;)

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