Functional Medicine Doctors Learn How to Write a Better Website

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Functional Medicine Doctors, you are not alone. Sometimes it feels like the search for new clients is a shot in the dark. Endless searching with no real direction can make your heart beat faster, and your pocketbook get smaller. Functional medicine doctors have the added challenge of competing with conventional medicine. In fact, obtaining new patients often depends on your making it easier for them to find you. According to PatientPop, new patients start their search for a provider via search engines like Google. This means, as functional medicine doctors, your website will be the first point of contact for a prospective patient.

I don’t have to tell YOU that first impressions are everything.

It could be the difference between gaining a new patient, or losing out on a fleeting opportunity.

It proves just how important it is for functional medicine doctors to learn how to write a better website.

Whether you’re running an established chiropractic office or you’re a budding new naturopathic doctor, you need a website. Not only that, you need to be up to date with the new Yellowbooks, aka Google search engine. Mastering the ever-changing Google algorithm is no easy task, which is why I’ve written several blog posts on how to do just that. Read my brief overview of Content Marketing for Health Professionals to get an idea.

Still, showing up in Google is just one step of the journey. Tie your shoelaces because it’s going to be a long one.

Why Functional Medicine Doctors Need a Website

First, you need to understand what a website does for your patients. If you’re a functional medicine doctor, you probably have to explain your services and combat a lot of misinformation about what you do. As the first point of contact, your website serves to build the trust and credibility that new patients are looking for. The following list includes several reasons a prospective patient will click away online:

  1. Your website is dated

  2. Your website loads slowly

  3. The content on your website was not engaging or relatable

  4. Your website was not mobile friendly

  5. The content doesn’t speak to your credentials or clients experience

Don’t lose patients because your website isn’t up to snuff.

Take advantage of the opportunity to educate and connect with your audience. Your potential patients are researching functional medicine doctors and alternatives to the healthcare answers they’ve always been given. Make sure that your website is primed to give them the answers they seek.

Three Ways Functional Medicine Doctors can Write a Better Website

So far I’ve convinced you of the importance of a professional and engaging online presence. Now, I want to give you actionable ideas you can use to write a better website. Let’s get into it!

Include Interactive Features

Imagine it’s 1980, a foggy Sunday morning rolled around and you grab the newspaper from the driveway. You settle down into the biggest red velvet armchair, pencil raised and tongue sticking out in thought. The day you finally conquer the crossword puzzle has arrived. Fast-forward 40 years and let’s think...Why did they include a crossword puzzle in the NEWSpaper?

It’s interactive! It gets the audience actively involved in some aspect of the product or service. It allows them to have a more personalized experience. This principle still applies today in the online environment, maybe even more so than in the past!

Including interactive features on your website grabs your prospective patients and keeps their attention. It shows them that you care about their experience on your website, and provides a way for you to gather data on your audience. You can measure how, when, and where users are clicking to provide an even better experience.

If you want to master the first impression, this is how you do it - include interactive features.

Interactive features you can add to your website include:

  • Quizzes

  • Question and Answer Boards

  • Social Media Feed Embeds

  • Feedback

  • Customer Support Chat

  • Newsletter Opt-In’s

  • Videos

Sprinkle in Newsletter Opt-in’s

Writing a good website is not possible without including a way to convert those passive viewers into potential patients. The best way to do this is to build an email list. How do you do that as functional medicine doctors? You create an email newsletter, and you sprinkle opt-in boxes for it all over your website!

A newsletter opt-in is a downloadable, educational piece of content that your audience receives after submitting their contact information.

Then you slowly nurture those audience members into patients by sending them high-quality newsletters on a consistent schedule.

A great way to get website viewers to submit their contact information is to have a compelling downloadable, and a great CTA (or call to action) button! You can read about how to write a killer CTA in this blog post!

Examples of Opt-in’s include:

  • Ebooks

  • How to guides

  • Worksheets

  • Resource lists

  • Promotional codes

  • Planners

Master the Homepage First-Impression

Finally, we’ve arrived at the last stage of writing a better website - the homepage first impression! Arguably, this could be considered the first step, but you really need all of these individual components to create a better website.

The goal of your homepage is to create trust, build authority, and offer the next steps to your potential patients. It’s the first page people see when clicking on your website so you want to get it RIGHT. Think of your homepage as your public image. Yes, the homepage! Not the about page as you might have thought. That’s why you need to get the 5 W’s and How of your business down pronto. Otherwise, you risk losing your potential patient forever.

A pretty design will only get you so far.

The following are six questions you must answer on your homepage:

  1. What can you do for me (the patient)?

  2. Why should I listen to you?

  3. What makes you legitimate?

  4. What do you do?

  5. Where do I start?

  6. Why should I stick around?

Copywriting Services for Functional Medicine Doctors

If the thought of writing all these parts of a website are making you assume the fetal position, don’t worry. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed! I will partner with you to write a better website, one that will get you patients, not lose them! In your free, 15-minute consultation call we’ll go over brand voice, target audience, and SEO and content marketing strategy so you feel more prepared to master being online as a doctor! Click below to get on the schedule before it fills up!

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