Five Email Templates Your Health Coaching Business Needs

Sending emails as a holistic health coach is time-consuming. If it feels like your email inbox is on constant refresh and you can’t go an hour without checking it, you’re doing something wrong. I’m obsessed with doing things more efficiently and protecting my time, because who wants to live tied to their Gmail account? That’s why I’m going to share with you five email templates that will revolutionize your health coaching business.

Here are the five email templates we’ll be covering in this article:

  • The Freebie Delivery Email

  • The Welcome Nurture Sequence

  • The New Client Onboarding Email

  • The Newsletter

  • The Client Review/Feedback Email

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First, I want to share a little story.

My husband, Chris, and I liked to run together before I got pregnant. Now that I’m not doing much running anymore I jump on the bike to accompany him while he runs.

One of our favorite places to run is actually a graveyard down the street from our house - I know, a little morbid but hear me out. There’s no traffic and the wide, paved roads make it easy to bike and run together.

Today, I was sharing with him the message from a podcast I listened to earlier in the day.

The message was about frugality and saving money. Mostly, I was struck by the idea that people so often think they need more (OR TO DO MORE) than they actually do to get by.

Chris said something that stood out to me during our conversation.

He said businesses know what they need to get by. They know what they need to market, who they need to target, etc, to meet the bottom line. A business knows exactly what it does and does not need. If people thought the same way, there would be a lot less unnecessary waste and a lot more savings in the bank.

I think the same can be applied to the processes of how we run our businesses. To run the most efficient and successful business possible, we need to know exactly what we need to do - and what we don’t need to do.

Sending original email content for every single email - that’s something we DON’T need to do.

Here are the five email templates you need to start implementing in your health coaching business to help you save time and ultimately increase productivity.

Plus, productivity equals profit, so let’s get on it!

The Freebie Delivery Email

This is the email that gets sent every time someone signs up for your lead magnet. A lead magnet is a free offer you provide on your website, such as a downloadable meal plan, in exchange for your audience’s email. It’s the number one way to build your email list.

The only problem is that if your website is high in traffic, you could be sending this email multiple times a day. Even if your traffic is low, you don’t want to make your potential new lead wait to get their free resource! The goal of a lead magnet is to delight your audience and start exposing them to your content. To do that you need to be timely with your delivery.

That’s where the freebie delivery email comes in handy.

This email template should focus on delivering the free resource and prepping your audience for what else they can expect from you.

The Welcome Nurture Sequence

The next email template you need for your health coaching business is the welcome nurture sequence.

This is a series of emails (usually between 4 and 5) that continue to provide value to your audience and prepare them for what to expect as new members of your email subscriber list.

Most importantly, it functions as a mini sales funnel. Now, you can get really fancy with your welcome nurture sequence. I’ve seen some that consist of ten emails! That’s not really my style, though, I like to keep it simple and use this formula:

(This sequence should start after your freebie delivery email btw)

  • Email one: Tell them what to expect and provide several blog posts/extra resources that they can click on to help you segment them. For example, you could segment them on conditions you treat like thyroid, infertility, and gut health.

If you don’t understand how to segment your audience, comment below and I can explain it to you!

  • Email two: Provide social proof as it relates to the offer you are going to present in your final email.

  • Email three: Tell them who you are and show the payoff your past clients have experienced from working with you.

  • Email four: Instill a little bit of fear about what might happen if your audience remains where they are. You can include a few more resources in this email to continue to provide value to the reader.

  • Email five: This is the email where you’ll make your pitch. It should feel completely natural in light of everything else the reader has been presented in your previous emails.

I could write an entire blog article on the welcome nurture sequence so if you have any questions please comment below!


The New Client Onboarding Email

The new client onboarding email is the third email template that will free up time in your health coaching business.

This is the email that gets sent after a new client completes their discovery call and signs the contract. It should include all the necessary items for them to get started working with you including a client welcome packet and any additional content they might need. It should also include any surveys or forms that they need to fill out and send back to you.

The Newsletter

Ah, we’ve arrived at the newsletter.

This is probably my favorite email to send. It’s the weekly or bi-weekly email that you send to your subscriber list to help build that “know - like - trust” factor.

You’re probably wondering how it makes the list of email templates when the content of your newsletter changes each week. The truth is once you start sending email newsletters regularly you can create a template that allows you to plug and play new content each week without having to create a truly original email each time.

If you’re interested in getting started with email newsletters check out my services page!

The Client Review/Feedback Email

The last email template that will help you free up time in your health coaching business is the client review/feedback email.

I’m sure you’ve heard how important social proof is when building your business. The problem is that getting your clients to send you those sought-after testimonials and feedback is hard. People are busy and even the most well-meaning clients will sometimes forget to leave a review.

That’s why a client feedback email template will help you secure those testimonials! You’ll be able to send it immediately after your last coaching call when working together is still top of mind.

Alright, ya’ll, those are the five email templates that will help revolutionize your health coaching business! If you’re interested in getting started with email marketing check out my services page - working with a holistic health copywriter is another great way to free up time so you can be more productive - and make more profit ;)

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