Do you Need Blog Post Inspiration for Your Wellness Website?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

You’ve started a blog for your health and wellness business. Great! Now, you need blog post inspiration for your wellness website. You may have created a list of health topics to write about, but now you've exhausted that list. Wellness content ideas don’t just fall from the sky, but they’re not as hard to come up with as you may have thought.

Welcome to the world of blogging! You know enough about content marketing to get your blog started. You also know the importance of consistency. With any type of marketing strategy, being consistent is key. There’s just one little problem. What in the world do you write about? Have no fear! This article will give you all the information you need to never run out of blog post inspiration for your wellness website!

What is Inbound Marketing?

Let’s start the discussion with a short brief on Inbound Marketing, also known as content marketing. You can get an in-depth look at content marketing on my blog post, “What is content marketing for health professionals.” But, here’s the skinny: content marketing is a strategy to draw customers into your brand instead of outwardly pushing marketing materials at customers in the hopes of generating a lead.

Basically, it’s content that entertains, educates, and encourages your audience to come back for more. You can do that with social media posts, email newsletters, and (yep you guessed it) BLOGS.

But you already know a blog can:

  1. Position you as an authority/expert

  2. Bring more traffic to your website via SEO

  3. Provide cost-effective marketing and long term results

  4. Create fans for life!

So, how do you consistently come up with quality blog posts?

Conduct Audience Research

Sometimes the best way to learn what your audience wants is to ask them! You don’t have to come up with your wellness content ideas all on your own. If you have a social media account you can create a poll or ask a question to get feedback from your followers. This will give you tons of ideas. It will also ensure the content you are writing about is relevant to the pain points of your audience.

As a health or medical professional you may get questions all the time that you’re not able to answer directly. Instead, you can make a blog post for educational purposes about those topics!

Stay Up to Date With the Latest Research/Newsletters

Maybe you don’t have a huge following that you can ask for blog post inspiration. Instead, you can follow the latest research and newsletters from your industry to get ideas. Subscribe to medical journals or newsletters. Not only does this help educate yourself, but it also shows your clients that you’re up to date on the latest research. That’s a win-win to me!

The Natural Medicine journal is a great option for functional medicine doctors and naturopaths.

Utilize Web Tools

General topics are the easiest when you first start out with your blog. They are quick to write and oftentimes evergreen, meaning their usefulness and popularity will never fade. As you grow your blog, you’ll want to get more specific. You can use online tools to help filter out and specify blog topics.

Answer the Public is a great web resource. Whenever I’m looking for health topics to write about I use this tool. To use it, first decide on one or two keywords. Enter that into the search bar and you’ll be given every useful phrase or question people are searching on google about your keywords. Right there in front of you, ya got your blog post idea. It’s a direct insight into your customer's mind!

It’s not perfect, though. You only get two free searches so use them wisely. An alternative is to look on health websites like Healthline. You can see what is trending on big health and wellness websites and then put a spin on it so it reflects your brand. That’s what I call, “fake it till you make it.”

Encourage Contributors

If you’re really stuck and have no blog post inspiration for your wellness website, you can always ask for contributors. Guest posting is a great way to populate your blog. People with an online presence or website are always looking to get backlinks and collaborate with others. It’s a great way to grow your brand and keep your blog consistent.

You may want to offer some sort of compensation - that could be monetary or just publicity on your own social channels and a link to the writer’s website. Just make sure you’re still posting high quality content.

Create a Blog Series

There are enough medical studies out there to write pages and pages on one topic. That’s an advantage for you! When you’re out of wellness content ideas, try creating a blog series. You can take one idea and break it up into three or even four different posts. The key is to create content that is helpful.

Don’t just create content because you need to post something to be consistent. Make sure it actually serves your audience. You can learn how I ensure each blog post serves my audience by downloading my “How to Plan a Blog Post” worksheet here!

What Are You Seeing in Real Life?

As a medical professional you have the ability to address the issues your clients and patients struggle with. What do you see that keeps popping up? What are some of the problems your clients have in real life? You can write them down and create blog posts. Bam! You don’t have to spend hours coming up with health blog topic ideas. Use what’s in front of you. Educate your audience on how to avoid these common pitfalls in the first place.

Need More Help? Hire a Content Writer

If you’re still struggling and have no idea what health topics to write about, hire a content writer. You can fill out the form on my connect page and I’ll schedule a free 15 minute consultation. You don’t have time to create content to guide traffic and organic leads as a busy health professional, so I’ll do it for you!

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