Trying to Create The
Model of Holistic Healthcare SO Many Women Need?

You know! The ones who want a practitioner who will teach them about lifestyle, nutrition, and more natural approaches to creating a healthy lifestyle?? 

Confused about how to reach them? 


What if you could reach the women who would benefit from your services without the fake, salesy promos that don’t feel honest? 


Use your words to make an impact - educate, inspire, and encourage. Words that age well, just like a good book. 


But, let’s not forget you still have a business to run. You need words that make money. Words that inspire ACTION


Say hello to content marketing - namely BLOGGING.


a Holistic Health Copywriter. 

  • 71% of buyers say they are turned off by content that seemed like a sales pitch according to the Economist Group. 

  • Who reads your content is more important than how many. Twelve invested readers matter more than 1,200 bystanders. 

  • A study by Aberdeen showed that conversion rates were 6x higher for businesses that used content marketing than those that did not. 


In 2008, Seth Godin (the king of marketing) said, “content marketing is the only marketing left.” 

Ready To Put Your Holistic Health Practice On the Map


Monthly Blog Package

Four Blogs Per Month 

You’ll get four well-researched blogs per month. Consistency is key in content marketing. Four hero pieces of content a month will keep your brand active and your audience expectant.

Each Blog 1,000 Words


Short-form blogs are fun, but long-form blogs educate. You’ll get blogs of 1,000 words or more - sometimes we get long-winded here at Wellness Words.

SEO Optimization 

Get found on google with strategic search engine optimization. Each blog will be formatted with competitive keywords that reach your target clients, so your blog articles get found. 

Content Tied to Your Service Launches

You’ll get content with a purpose. Based on your service launches throughout the year we’ll strategically create content to prepare and excite your audience. 

Easy to Implement 

Blogs are delivered via Google Docs at the beginning of the week so all you do is copy and paste! We’ll do one round of edits as necessary. Plus, each blog will have a clear call-to-action.


Here’s the Process for Our Monthly Blog Package 


We hop on a discovery call and go over your current blogging strategy. We’ll discuss content you have right now and content you want to create. Then, we’ll look at your services and talk about any upcoming launches.


I will create an editorial calendar for the duration of our contract based on our previous discussion. I’ll also do some research on potential keywords to rank for. Then, once I have the plan we’ll pick a start date for your first blog post!


You sit back and relax while I do the work. Each week you’ll receive an email with a link to your special google document containing your blog post. We’ll monitor the stats and let that content work for you. 


Okay, but what’s the catch? 

There is no catch! You could keep doing you - 

Posting every now and then…

Sticking to your instagram strategy (reels are the new thing right?)...

Writing blogs that get no traction…

Spending money on ads that don’t convert...

The truth is you cannot solve your marketing woes through buying advertising space or posting 15-second instagram reels every few days. 


You must make a connection to your customers. Focus on their true pain points and heal them with information. 


Instead of doing it yourself, let a holistic health copywriter do it for you. 



Starts at $640

One Hour Discovery Call 


Brand Specific Editorial Calendar 


Four Blog Posts Per Month 


Long-Form Blogs of 1,000 Words 


SEO Optimization


Copy + Paste Posting 



I learned about the benefits of content marketing back in my college days while taking Social Media Management with Dr. Chunsik Lee. 


One assignment was to create a website, blog, and social media account and grow them throughout the semester. I still remember my food blog and food-insta account - “Atypical Appetite!”  


The blog did okay, but what was important was that I learned the principles of content marketing. 


Now that I run my own business, I’ve implemented those same principles. In fact, if you search “Alternative Healthcare Copywriter” on google my website shows up on the second page! 


Wellness Words is slowly making its way to page number one on Google - and it’s not because I wrote my website and then walked away! 


As a holistic health copywriter I won’t ever try to sell you something I myself don’t implement or believe in.

What Others Have Wondered

This isn’t for you if you’re not ready to see your holistic health business grow

But if you are….

What are you waiting for!!